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Include Everyone

You should include everyone. When you exclude,you feel lonely. There are 4 reasons to include.

The 1st reason is because you get left out. Everyone runs to a partner. They care about their friends and they want to be with their friends.

The 2nd reason is because you have more friends.You include everyone to have friends.

The 3rd reason is because you have no one to play with.You have:no friends and you don’t make friends.

The final reason is because you can bring people in the conversation. You can bring people inthe conversation so youcan hang out.

Stone Fox

Stone Fox is the best book ever.  Why? Here are some reasons.

The first reason is because Stone Fox has surprises like Little Willy’s grand father does not want to live any more. A man comes to Little Willy’s house and points a gun at Little Will’s dog.  The biggest surprise is when Little Willy and his dog serchlight  enter a dog sled race to help save their house they are 100 feet away when an unespected event happens.

The second reason is because the characters have a lot of courage. some examples of courage is when Little Willy’s grand father does not want to live any more Little Willy starts to cook for him self and taking care of him self.  Little Willy enters a race to to get money to save his home.He has to race a man named stone fox.He is really good.

The final reason is because stone fox has a lot of tension.  I had a lot of tension when Little Willy lined up for the race.  An example of tension in this book is Little Willy lined up at the starting line with his contestents, the mayor held the starting pistol in his hands. You feel urgency,exitement and suspence in this moment.  The tension and the surprises pull you into the book and make you feel what the characters feel.  This book changed me as a reader!

I loved Stone Fox and my friends loved it too.  I would recommend reading stone fox.


What I am doing in school

I am having a great time in school.

We are getting ready for No Name Calling Week.

We are writing stories  and writing our own plays.

We are going to choose which one is best to present to the whole school.

Why You Should Go to Owl’s Nest

Owl’s Nest is a great after school. So, if you are looking for a crafty, amazing, fun, loving after school, this is the place. It is great and there are unlimited reasons why, but I’ll try to narrow it down a bit. I will tell you five reasons why you should go.
One is it’s for kindergarten to 6th graders and if you are older than that you can be a junior counselor!
The second reason is we make tons of crafts like record bowls, fun foam flowers, and last but not least, we make exploding boomerangs.
The third reason is we have rainy day movies that are very fun and if you are good you get to sit on the couch! And you get to share a bowl of popcorn!
The fourth reason is because we have homework time so we can play at home. Homework is really fun and if you are one of the first people to ask you can sit on the couch.
In conclusion, the the 5th and final, last but not least reason is they make you feel like you are not with an after school. They make you feel like you are with a giant, loveable,fun family that you can’t wait to see again tomorrow. I mean what’s not to like? The counselors are very helpful and nice, and the kids are fun and you can play with older kids or younger kids. (P.S. Owl’s Nest is for FDNSC only.)

Why does it look like the Moon shines?

Students use flashlights and mirrors to model the Sun’s light reflecting off the Moon toward Earth.