‘Chirp,chirp’ went the birds as me , my friend Adyen and our families walked down the path to a bend in the river my friend shot his bow and arrow.

‘Hey Tyson’I said (Tyson is Aydens  father) ‘Yes’ answered Tyson ‘Can we shoot the bow and arrow ‘ I said ‘Okay’ answered  Tyson ‘I am going to show Boryan how to shoot the bow and arrow’said Ayden braking into the conversation ‘Okay’I said thinking’ Oh I forgot that I did not know how to shoot a bow and arrow.’ I felt butterflies in my stomach as Ayden handed me the bow and arrow when he was done showing me how to shoot it.

I felt a rush of excitement  take over the butterfly feeling as I grabbed an arrow from the quiver and I pulled back the string , my hands were shaking. I felt my fingers part from the string. The arrow went all twisty and it struck the dirt target. I shot three more, they did the same. I jumped up and down and then in circles. When I stopped, I felt excited and dizzy at the same time.

I will never forget this moment because it inspired me to start making bow and arrows!