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Red Foxes

This independent project shows students authoring skits based on their research.

Notice the wonderful facts embedded in the skit.



They lurch they lope

from grass to grass

waiting for a gnat to pass.

Skipping , gliding

across the leaves

danging though the autumn breeze.


And when ice scatters across the pond,

and trees are bare and cold,

the dance back home

lurching and loping

skipping on trees

while the are hopping,

for summer to arrive.

Thunder Storm

The Clouds Roll In

like sheep walking through the pasture

lightning rockets through the sky

like a strobe light flashing on and off

”boom” thunder comes next

the rain pours down

as if someone had turned a faucet on in the sky

”pitter, patter, pitter, patter”

the rain never stops

The trees ach and bend

like someone bending over to tie their shoe

the wind blowing hard on my face

tearing across the valley it goes

as the storm dies away

no more lightning

no more thunder

The rain stops

ever thing is back to normal

The Important Thing About Friendship

Check out our poem about friendship.  Students wrote this collaboratively.  The structure is based on Margaret Wise Brown’s Important Poems.









They slither on the ground,

even though they’re bound,

to shiver while they’re at it.

They shimmer under the sea,

while they look at me.