Hispanic Heritage Whole School Gathering

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Alma Rosa spoke about growing up in Mexico City and her experience being an immigrant in the US. She shared songs that showed how children play similarly in different areas of the world.




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photo 4 (7) Members of Empire Strikes Brass, including our music teacher, Mr. Sean, rocked the Dogwood! Some students couldn’t even sit still and contain themselves! I can’t believe anyone did.

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After grades 5-8 watched Viva La Cause and learned about Cesar Chavez and many others who fought for farm workers rights, Ms. Brady taught us about some current conditions for migrant farm workers that are not dissimilar to those we learned about from 50 years ago. We learned what we can do, even as young people. Be mindful and grateful for your food. Don’t waste it! Be welcoming to those who come to your town, state, and country. Don’t perpetuate myths that immgrants don’t pay taxes or take “our jobs”, and use wording like documented and undocumented rather than legal and illegal to refer to people.