Ethan’s 7 Habits Blog Post

Ethan’s Blog Post
In class, we read Sean Covey’s book “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”. In the book, he talks about self-help and ways to help with problems we may be having (such as family, friends, and school).The habit I will be doing is habit number three, “Put things first”. It talks about how to pack more into your life.
There are four models.One is the procrastinator. He or she always puts things off until the last second.Therefore, if they have a test in a week they study on the last day and wind up flunking it. So as far as I’m concerned, my opinion is that the procrastinator is not the way to go but that’s just me.
Number two. The “prioritizer”, puts first things first and last things last and also plans things ahead to where he/she will not have to do everything at the last second. As you can tell, “q2” does things that are important, but not urgent, (like friends, relaxation, and planning ahead).So when everyone else is stressed out (because they waited to do everything) “q2” is staying calm and on top because he or she got everything done first and did everything else last.That’s why they can stay balanced and calm because they plan ahead and make time for the most important things. “All that we must do is to decide what to do with the time given to us” (Gandalf).
The results of being a q2 are:
-control of your own life
-balance over yourself
-high performance
These are the results you’ll get if you live a “q2 life”. You will be on top and never be stressed. This is the best way to go.
Number three “the yes-man”.These people like to please and do whatever anyone tells them to do.They would like to say no, but they think they will upset someone.They would do something or go somewhere others want them to even though they have things of their own to do.They try to be a part of everything because they are afraid they will miss something.What happens to this type of person is that they will always be a follower instead of a leader,no discipline,and low self-esteem.Therefore, being “q3” is not the way to go.
Number 4 “the slacker”.The activities of these persons are not necessities.They’re just wasting time.They like too much of everything that is not important.For example, tv, video games, and sleeping.They don’t like to work or go to school.They just want to hang out and have fun. All of these things are ok to do sometimes but you can not make that your whole life.
The results of being a slacker are:
-you have a lack of responsibility
-perhaps guilt
-miss out on adventures
And that concludes my blog post.