Greg’s 7 Habits Blog Post

Probing and Parents

By Gregory


“Probing occurs when you try to dig up emotions before people are ready to share them”


When I read this section my immediate thought was about all of the times my parents dug up emotions trying to talk about girls, friends, and anything else under the sun. I just wanted to have some peace and quiet.

Although everyone knows that, they won’t stop there. They will poke and prod until you snap and freak out, but then it seems like you’re the bad person. It’s just a cycle.

I know how to break that cycle though. It’s small and simple for each party. Parents could ask, “Hey do you wanna talk right now?” and if the answer is no then respect that answer but if it’s yes still don’t barrage them with questions, it becomes too stressful.  That doesn’t mean that children can always say “No I don’t want to talk.” Just talk to them when you feel better because like pets, parents need attention too.

Also to the parents, I have a question for you. How do you not remember how it feels to be probed by parents? You know it gets so annoying. So please, take a word from the kids and help us stop probing.