Jackson’s 7 Habits Blog Post

Put First Things First.  If you have two things that you need to do you should do the one that is due first first.  For example, if you wanted to play a video game but you had a school assignment due tomorrow you should do your school assignment first and then play a video game.

There are four quadrants to putting first things first. #1 is “the procrastinator” which waits until the last minute to get whatever they need to do done.  #2 is “the prioritizer” has stuff ready when the deadline comes.  #3 is “the yes man”  It is good to be agreeable sometimes but don’t be the “yes man” and say yes to everything or you will end up having a lot of things to do but you can’t do all of them at once. #4 is “the slacker”  just doesn’t do things.

This habit could help you because if you have a favorite hobby or thing to do because you will want to do that. If you have a favorite hobby or a favorite thing to do and you also have a deadline tomorrow this is saying that you should do what your deadline is on first before you start doing your hobby.