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Take Time For A Time-Out


No matter how much we work, Sean Covey is trying to say that we need to take some time out. Kind of like your car needs regular tune ups and oil changes. People need to have some oil changes and tune ups also. Our bodies need to be shown with relaxation and some tender love and care.


This section helped me out because I do tend to work out a lot, because my parents always would use to say, “When you get more stuff done, you can achieve more”. However, I misinterpreted it and I started working without a break until I got the job done. This statement in the book felt so true to me because ever since school started, I’ve been trying my best to get as much work done as I possibly can. The only rest that I could get was when I went to sleep, but this book takes me into a different direction.


Sean Covey is recommending teens that we need to take a break or rest for a little bit and relax our minds and body. I will take that recommendation and try my best to use it as much as I can, when I need it.


Not Relaxing Relaxing
Chores Laying down
Jobs Reading
Sports TV
Schoolwork Videogames