Janaki’s 7 Habits Blog Post

Principle-Centered—-The Real Thing

Principles are the things that matter to you most, the values that you live by. For example, there are some principles like honesty, service, hard work, love, loyalty, self reliance, and responsibility. These are good values you should base your life on. It is better to be principle centered because you can center your life on multiple things, such as values that matter the most. For example, you could be centered on your boyfriend/girlfriend. That is the only thing you focus on. You don’t focus on other things, like school and your family. By being principle centered, you can focus on school, your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend, and all of the other aspects of your life, like happiness, loyalty, and honesty.


I agree with this statement very much. I think that all of us can work on this. It’s very easy to be caught up on one aspect of your life, and forget about everything else there is to life. I can totally relate to being caught up on one thing in life, like being focused on school or myself. By being principle centered, I can focus on everything that matters to me, not just one thing.