Javis’ 7 Habits Blog Post

“The Comfort Zone and the Courage Zone”
Page 117

The comfort zone and the courage zone. The comfort zone is the area that you feel the most comfort and safety in, whether it’s with people or places. For example, the comfort zone could be hanging out with your fiends. That is where you feel the best, but maybe sometimes the worst because you’re tired of living the same life over and over again and not stepping out of that area and exploring the world for what it really is and how others live it. Maybe you can go that step into the courage zone. Maybe you want to take it one more step and take someone else with you and make it a new experience for both of you or for all of you because there’s more than just that one other person and you so go find them and help them.
Your courage zone is the areas that you feel strongest in because you are going against what you normally do and trying different and new things and mastering them so that they are in your comfort zone because they are now normal to you.
This has helped me because in my life, I have never thought of trying the stuff that is new for me and making it not new so that it’s normal in my life. However, this helps me by encouraging me to try the new things and the things I don’t do as often as other things. This can help any and everybody that wants to go off to experience the world and try a new way of doing new things.