Liza’s 7 Habits Blog Post

The Lens of Possessions and Stuff

By Liza Heck


Many times, we get so wrapped up in the latest trends, that we only focus on getting the latest phone, clothing, or social media. This makes us forget what is more important in life, such as friends, family, and fun. In this habit, Covey focuses on “centers.” Centers are things such as friends, family, work, school, or in this case, possessions. When you are “stuff centered”, your main focus is on your possessions. As Covey says, “There is nothing wrong with achieving success and enjoying our stuff, but things should never become the center of our lives.” (19).


I think that everyone is a little wrapped up in our stuff, and that we could all work on this a little. I know that sometimes I get too into the trends that I start neglecting my other centers. When I don’t create a balance between all of my centers, my life gets a little out of control, and I think that this is true for everyone!


Covey recommends being principle centered. Instead of being focused on one thing, such as friends, work, school, or stuff, principal centered means you are centered around a principal such as honesty, love, or hard work. As Covey says, “Principles never fail.” (25).