Maya’s 7 Habits Blog Post

Two Types of People: The Proactive & Reactive


In habit #1, Covey states that it’s important to be proactive.  Being proactive is when you take control of your life and make sure you are going in the right direction. If you’re getting bad grades then the proactive way to fix that would be to get a tutor, make school a priority, or meet with the teacher to figure out what’s not working. If you’re being reactive, you’d blame the teacher, say you don’t care, or feel like the world has it out for you. In Covey’s words, he says “He wanted me to learn that there are two types of people in this world — the proactive and the reactive — those who take responsibility for their lives and those who blame; those who make it happen and those who get happened to.” (Pg. 48) This is saying that when being proactive, you are in charge, and you are in control of your life.

This habit is an extremely important part of the book. You have to be proactive to even be able to achieve all the other habits! You have to have a strong hold on your life to be able to change how you respond, act, and show up in your community. If you aren’t proactive, it will be almost impossible to have the willpower to be self aware enough to apply these habits to your life, and also have them make a positive impact on your life and relationships.