Nikia’s 7 Habits Blog

Habit Six on page 196
“Seek to be understood by sharing your ideas”
This quote really stood out to me because in our community, there are a lot of people holding back and not always speaking for themselves. Sometimes people feel afraid or embarrassed to speak up because they think someone might judge them. We don’t always have the courage to share our thoughts and feelings. When I am in front of a crowd big or small, I always seem to want to hold back because i’m unsure how the crowd will react and what they will think of me.
A relevant example could be of you telling your friends something that is very meaningful to you and then they could take it as a joke and laugh or make a smart remark. Self faith could help with this, such as saying or doing things for yourself regardless of what other people think about it. This may be hard, but you can’t let others bring you down.