Wren’s 7 Habits Blog Post

Say You’re Sorry

By Wren

Often in our lives, we end up in arguments that aren’t of any importance. However, we inevitably end up making mountains out of molehills and it turns into a war zone. Most of these arguments could have been prevented before they began, by just saying sorry.

Pride. Pride is the thing preventing us, or at least me, from solving these problems the easy way. As soon as I start thinking of saying sorry I think, Why would I be the one to apologize, they are the one who’s wrong here’. To most saying sorry is like admitting defeat, like saying you were wrong, but in actuality it proves that you are strong. Saying you are sorry is being the bigger person. It sends a message that says, ‘I am confident, I don’t have anything to prove to you and I can take responsibility for my actions’.

This is not like a lose- win situation where one party gives up and backs down. No one loses in this scenario. By saying you are sorry, with sincerity and confidence, the argument should end peacefully. If it doesn’t, then the other person generally has something to prove, and in this situation you should really just walk away. In the more likely scenario, a simple apology can stop a disagreement from escalating into a fight or destroying a friendship.