Thunder Storm

The Clouds Roll In

like sheep walking through the pasture

lightning rockets through the sky

like a strobe light flashing on and off

”boom” thunder comes next

the rain pours down

as if someone had turned a faucet on in the sky

”pitter, patter, pitter, patter”

the rain never stops

The trees ach and bend

like someone bending over to tie their shoe

the wind blowing hard on my face

tearing across the valley it goes

as the storm dies away

no more lightning

no more thunder

The rain stops

ever thing is back to normal

The Peacock

The peacock

the fan of colors

it makes you wonder

how it became

a rainbow

the amazing peacock

full of wonders

rainbow colors

The Giant Squid

The giant squid

it’s a monster

it makes you think

how did it get so big

the big squid…

the giant squid

The Porcupine

I the porcupine warn you,
for your information a prickly
we live in the ground there we
are found we are almost round
but you can here no sound
don’t try to bounce us at all
or else we will stick you in
the eye ball we don’t need to
be quick we will give you a stick
give us a wave not a hug
Yours truly,
The Porcupine

The Snake

The slithery body of the snake

gliding smoothly though the vast world

finding food in the dead of night

a mole a mouse or a rabbit

who knows

no one knows

silent body

slithering tail

yellow eyes…