why you should get a parakeet

Why you should get a parakeet

The new year

I love a new year because in summer people are gone and no ones home.at school people are there and they want to hang out.this year we are doing science labs,geometry and gcc (global children’s challenge).I can’t wait to see what we are doing this year.


Second grade has 6 baby chicks! I hope one is named Flame. I hope they live well all there life.         Sincerly       Gregory.

Why You Should Include

I think you should include because its more fun, you can have more friends, and you can have more conversations.

The first reason is you can have more fun. Because when I got left out of a game I was sad and I know you would be too because its not fun, so be inclusive.

Reason two, you can have more friends.If you see someone out of the conversation go to them and talk to them and talk with them and you might just make another friend.

Another reason is you can have more conversations. And when you have more conversations people will get to know you. For example what if I went up to some one who doesn’t talk a lot and you start a conversation. Also, if people get to know you can have more fun.

In conclusion try being a friend and not being exclusive.

Ms.Francine Delany

Ms.Francine Delany was the first woman to graduate  from UNCA.  She died of cancer. Our school is named after her, so we honor her.