golden eagle

the golden eagle starts to fly,

the golden eagle soars so high.

the golden eagle is such a fright,

it hardly nears my flying kite.

i hope that i can run and soar,

then say a big ole roar!

-mary martha pleahn

Open House

Open House is Thursday!

Everybody in the FDNSC 4th grade is very excited.

We have already made blurbs talking about our classroom.

I’m excited to see you on Thursday!

The End of the Year

The end of the year is my favorite time.   We get to go on fun field trips and take home our notebooks and school memories.  We get to sign yearbooks.  It’s all such a happy closure.

Red Foxes

This independent project shows students authoring skits based on their research.

Notice the wonderful facts embedded in the skit.







They slither on the ground,

even though they’re bound,

to shiver while they’re at it.

They shimmer under the sea,

while they look at me.