Revising Stories From Our Lives

We’ve been working really hard at going back to old writing from the beginning of the year and revising it. Students learned to elaborate on the main moment with dialogue, action, thoughts, and feelings. They did what is hard for all writers: they thought deeply about which details moved the main moment along and which did not. Students cut out huge chunks of stories that did not support their main idea. This is hard and important work!





Space Projects

Everyone had fun creating space projects.



Why does it look like the Moon shines?

Students use flashlights and mirrors to model the Sun’s light reflecting off the Moon toward Earth.



Our Interview of Mr. Chambers Sr: A local Civil Rights Leader

Today we met Marvin Chambers. He was a local Civil Rights leader, working to change segregation in our town.  He is also the grandfather of one of our classmates. We learned that he helped start ASCORE, which stands for Avl Student Congress of Racial Equality.  ASCORE changed the segregation of our town.

Students remembered  these comments from his visit:

We learned that black schools always got hand-me-down books.

We learned that they couldn’t go out on the street by themselves, if they were a black.

5% of the people made the other 95% suffer.


Click on the movie below to view clips from the interview.


Buddy Classes

Seventh grade and third grade get together to make pinwheels and share ideas about peace.