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        We are studying plants in science. We planted snow peas in our teacher’s garden. We made a map of the community garden. We dug up sweet potatoes. They grow underground. They are delicate to pull up. They are ready when the leaves are yellow. It was extraordinary to go on a salad hunt, looking for ingredients. The salad was delicious, so was our salsa. The butternut squash was scrumptious. It was different that regular squash.

     The parts of the plant are crucial to survival of the plant. All the parts working together make a system. Plants need water, nutrients from soil, and light.

    The different parts of soil are sand, silt and clay, when mixed together they make loam. Humus is composed of rotten leaves, wood and decaying plants. Mr. J from Arboretum the a taught us the different types of soil. We had soil probes to sample the school’s soil.







 We are third graders. Our teachers are Ms. Roslyn and Ms. Abby. We are here to learn and think. We love academics: technology, math, reading, writing, spelling, science and social studies. We love to be creative. We are creative all day long especially in writing, movement, art, music, P.E. and recess. We promise to have respect and be kind to each other, with awesomeness and coolness for all.

We are using this blog to share with people what we are learning and thinking.