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Book Suggestion

I suggest the book Spirit because there is a horse that is different than other horses.  And Spirit protects the heard from other animals.  And Spirit is a wild horse.

Ms Francine Delany

Did you know that . . .

Ms Francine Delany died of cancer.

That  FDNSC was named after her.

Why? Because she was important to the school.

My Teacher

I love  my  teacher.

Write Me If You Dare (my book)

I am reading a book called Write Me If You Dare. It is about a girl named Madie who get’s a misterious letter from a unknown girl named

Pearl. I do not want to spoil it for you so I am not going  to tell you any more but make sure you read it.

My Class

I’m in third grade. My teachers name is Ms.Roslyn.