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Why You Should Include

If you are inclusive you will have more fun. You’ll feel better and the world will be a better place.

One reason to include is you will have more fun because: you’ll have more friends and more people for a games.

Another reason to include, is every one will feel better. When you get included you feel better and when you include, you yourself feel better.

The most important  reason to include is that the world will be a better place because the world will be full of joy, happiness and love. That’s why you should include everybody. So you should be inclusive because it will be a better place if everyone helps each other!

Be Inclusive

Think about what I am about to say: My big idea is include everybody!  There are a lot of reasons but I will narrow it down to three.

The first reason is it feels good because it feels like everybody loves you. Also when I included people I felt good when I saw them feeing good.

The second reason, you will have more friends. For instance, it is nicer to include people. Plus your friends will trust you more because if someone hurt you, you wouldn’t trust them, right?

The most important reason of all is “the more the merrier.” For instance, when I was 7 I saw a person in the corner so I started a conversation with her. As the group grew the conversation became more interesting.

So, please, please, please think about what I am saying.


Everybody has got feelings. Everybody should be included. Here are the best reasons of how to include people. You should listen because they are the best. Here are the reasons.

One reason is it is fun. If you are playing a game let another person play. If you do the game will get bigger and more fun. It is important to make friends because you make new friends. If you be a friend you will get more friends. It will make them happy and you will be happy. Be a nice friend it helps your friendship.

The most important reason is that everybody’s got feelings. One time didn’t get included, i felt like i didn’t exist to people. I felt like I didn’t get included. I felt like I din’t exist to people. I felt like nobody was my friend.

So listen up, everybody should be included.

There Are More Reasons To Be Inclusive Than Exclusive

The following is a public service announcement encouraging people to be inclusive.

Include, Don’t Be Rude

This is a public service announcement created to encourage people to be inclusive.