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teachers poem

teacher’s a person

a master at learning

a teacher, a person

a person I know

a person who believes

in me like no one else



8 legs,

8  eyes,


their web spun into art

it is no shop in a mart

they catch their food

I never said they were in a good mood

be kind to spiders,

bugs would be a big pest,

and the world would be in permanent rest

even if they are ugly,

that does not mean they cant be cute


8 legs,

8 eyes,



Say I’m magnificent,

say I’m talented,

say I’m smart,

say I’m so beautiful

I glimmer in the light.

But say what is true.


wake up in the morning,

have breakfast

walk out the door with

a pancake in my fist.

have school

walk back home

go to sleep and then it’s done.

I do this boring schedule every day

except on Fridays it’s a magnificent way to have a

day hurray!

My healthy diet

I have a very healthy diet

I recall this is how it goes:

I drank 9 bottles of soda

yesterday, I just finished

eating a pie. Next 17 bags

of oreos, I hope my eyes

don’t pop out.

20 cakes will be next

my stomach might explode!

If I have enough time I’ll

eat a candy toad.