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Asheville- Home Sweet Home

We have been studying Asheville. After learning the history we went to the Folk Art Center to learn about local arts and we walked the Urban Trail downtown. We have created a virtual tour for you. Students took pictures and drew historical representations of our town. Enjoy!


The End of the Year

The end of the year is my favorite time.   We get to go on fun field trips and take home our notebooks and school memories.  We get to sign yearbooks.  It’s all such a happy closure.


Second grade has 6 baby chicks! I hope one is named Flame. I hope they live well all there life.         Sincerly       Gregory.

Our class Field trip

I learned that during segergation blacks had to go through a small door and up rickety stairs to the balcony just to watch a movie at the theater.

I also learned about the history of the corn husk doll which was the moms did not put faces on the dolls because they did’nt want their want thier kids to think about what they looked like.

I also learned how to make a corn husk doll.

Shel silverstien

I have been learning about Shel silverstien. I know he wrote ”A boy named Sue” for Jonny Cash. I also know he started writing when he was 12.He served in the Korean war.I know lots more about him but it wont fit on the blog.