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Ga-Ga ball

This year we got a new game on the play ground.  It’s called Ga-Ga ball!  We play on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Beilive it or not the court is shaped like a octagan.  You start by throwing  the the ball in and saying Ga-Ga ball.  You win by getting  people out by hitting them waist and below.


The Global Children’s Challenge

In school we are wearing pedometers for a challenge.  Everybody in the world in 3,4 and 5 grade can enter to wear pedometers for 50 days. We wear the pedometers from the time we get up till the time till the time we go to bed. When we go to bed we record our steps in a booklit we got. At school we write down the steps we got the day before, then we add all them up and divide it by the number of data we got. Our best averge is 15,443. Every day we pick a topsteper, my best is 21,48o.

The new year

I love a new year because in summer people are gone and no ones school people are there and they want to hang out.this year we are doing science labs,geometry and gcc (global children’s challenge).I can’t wait to see what we are doing this year.

Open House

Open House is Thursday!

Everybody in the FDNSC 4th grade is very excited.

We have already made blurbs talking about our classroom.

I’m excited to see you on Thursday!

The Challenge Has Begun….

We are ready to get moving!


On Wednesday we began wearing our pedometers for real and found lots of ways to get in extra steps. Some kids even chose to walk to school instead of drive! We took a jog around campus before math to get our blood flowing and did some laps at recess after our game of capture the flag ended. I wonder what our first step-count average will be! Don’t forget to go to to check out our current location and see other classes from around the world. Let’s get stepping!