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Welcome Class of 2017

Welcome back students!  This is your big year.  The year you are the leaders of our community.

We will begin our year with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey.  This is the kickoff to our year-long theme, “Know Thyself” in which we’ll investigate how we can make our lives better, feel more fulfilled, less stressed and ultimately increase our happiness.  Who doesn’t want to be happy, right?

highly effective teens

We’ll finish this book by next Friday.  To do this we’re going to spend most of our academic time focused on it.  Then, next Friday September 2nd, we’ll talk about our Hopes and Dreams for the year.

Parents:  Watch out for the READING CONTRACT and PLANNER. You will be asked to sign them nightly. 

Parent Resource:  This is a GREAT article from the Wall Street Journal on how to help our middle schoolers.  I am planning on implementing some more organizational techniques and mindfulness lessons thanks to the research presented here.

What Teens Need Most From Their Parents

As adolescents navigate the stormiest years in their development, they need coaching, support, good examples and most of all understanding