Graffiti is Art

graffiti is art declan

Graffiti is Art

graffiti is art declan


I am a fly

I wonder why they left the compost out

And now I’m sucking, sucking this wonderful juice

But then I see a pink waffle coming toward me

But I keep on sucking this wonderful juice


Now there’s juice coming out of me


As the moon comes up

The sun goes down

The night falling around

As the blackness surrounds

The creatures roam

As you wake up in fright

it is the middle of the


Ga-Ga ball

This year we got a new game on the play ground.  It’s called Ga-Ga ball!  We play on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Beilive it or not the court is shaped like a octagan.  You start by throwing  the the ball in and saying Ga-Ga ball.  You win by getting  people out by hitting them waist and below.