Social Studies Project: Learning about the Civil Rights Movement and World Religions

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Buses Arrive at FDNSC!









We know how to really appreciate working towards the big steps for our school!

No Name Calling Week Kick Off Gathering

No Name Calling Week Kick Off Gathering

Thank you to our 6th grade hosts and organizers, middle school poets, our 5th grade students and our alumni student for a moving and inspirational kick off to this important week. IMG_3754 IMG_3753 IMG_3752 IMG_3751 IMG_3755 IMG_3756

Heroes: Help 3rd Grade by Nominating a Local Hero

Dear Community,

During February, 3rd graders will interview ~ and make a personal connection with ~ someone they will probably never forget.

Someone like Denise Bitz, founder of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue…or Steven Smith, who helps people when they get out of prison…or Debra Roberts, who works to save honey bees and teach bee-keepers.  People like Frank Castelblanco, a nurse who teaches others to save lives…or Marvin Chambers, who stood up for civil rights as a high school student…or Leslie Anderson, who revitalized our downtown.
For us, a Hero of Asheville is someone who uses his/her mind, heart, body, and spirit to bring positive change to our community.
The folks above are six of more than 80 people we have honored in the past two years of our most important learning expedition.  The students have written a biography of each one, created gifts, and have celebrated their heroes in a community event called Heroes’ Night.
We need your help to nominate this year’s Heroes of Asheville.  Who do you know, from any walk of life, who is a local hero – “sung” or “unsung”?
If somebody comes to mind for you, please go to the link below to nominate your hero.  We will invite them to participate in this year’s project (or, if a hero is no longer living, we will invite a friend, admirer, or family member to participate in his/her honor). 
Six wonderful heroes have been nominated so far by our community…but we hope to have 18 more nominations before Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday on the 19th.
Nominate a Hero HERE.(There are multiple questions on the nomination form. The most important are name, a brief description and contact information.)
Learn more about the project HERE.
Thank you for helping us to launch another round of this remarkable community collaborative project. 
Yours Truly,
Roslyn Clapp

Food for Thought: Slam Against Hunger!

This weekend FDNSC poets competed in our first slam of the school year (since the winning of SOLID GOLD!).

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We took the youngest team ever with two 10 year olds, two 11 year olds, a 12 year old and two 13 year olds. These poets competed against high school 16 and 17 year olds and made quite a showing!

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Two of our poets made it into the 3rd round and we placed 3rd and 5th!

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The event raised money and collected food to benefit Manna as well as worked to bring more awareness of hunger in our community.

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Check out the Mt. Express article in our links.

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