‘Chirp,chirp’ went the birds as me , my friend Adyen and our families walked down the path to a bend in the river my friend shot his bow and arrow.

‘Hey Tyson’I said (Tyson is Aydens  father) ‘Yes’ answered Tyson ‘Can we shoot the bow and arrow ‘ I said ‘Okay’ answered  Tyson ‘I am going to show Boryan how to shoot the bow and arrow’said Ayden braking into the conversation ‘Okay’I said thinking’ Oh I forgot that I did not know how to shoot a bow and arrow.’ I felt butterflies in my stomach as Ayden handed me the bow and arrow when he was done showing me how to shoot it.

I felt a rush of excitement  take over the butterfly feeling as I grabbed an arrow from the quiver and I pulled back the string , my hands were shaking. I felt my fingers part from the string. The arrow went all twisty and it struck the dirt target. I shot three more, they did the same. I jumped up and down and then in circles. When I stopped, I felt excited and dizzy at the same time.

I will never forget this moment because it inspired me to start making bow and arrows!

Why You Should Include

You know what? I think that you should be inclusive because it’s important. Why? Because everybody matters, so you should be inclusive. Here are some reasons.

Reason one: people will not get left out. Do you feel good when you get left out? Because I don’t feel good. I want you to think about this.

Reason two: you will have more fun. In conversations you will be exposed to other new opinions if you include others. You will learn more about them and they will learn more about you.

Reason three: you will have more friends if you include others, the reason for this is because they will think your nice, and they will start to play with you.

In conclusion, I think that everybody in the whole wide world matters.

Our Interview of Mr. Chambers Sr: A local Civil Rights Leader

Today we met Marvin Chambers. He was a local Civil Rights leader, working to change segregation in our town.  He is also the grandfather of one of our classmates. We learned that he helped start ASCORE, which stands for Avl Student Congress of Racial Equality.  ASCORE changed the segregation of our town.

Students remembered  these comments from his visit:

We learned that black schools always got hand-me-down books.

We learned that they couldn’t go out on the street by themselves, if they were a black.

5% of the people made the other 95% suffer.


Click on the movie below to view clips from the interview.


Ms. Annie

Ms. Annie is our new assitant teacher until December. She is very nice. We hope we will have a happy time with her.



        We are studying plants in science. We planted snow peas in our teacher’s garden. We made a map of the community garden. We dug up sweet potatoes. They grow underground. They are delicate to pull up. They are ready when the leaves are yellow. It was extraordinary to go on a salad hunt, looking for ingredients. The salad was delicious, so was our salsa. The butternut squash was scrumptious. It was different that regular squash.

     The parts of the plant are crucial to survival of the plant. All the parts working together make a system. Plants need water, nutrients from soil, and light.

    The different parts of soil are sand, silt and clay, when mixed together they make loam. Humus is composed of rotten leaves, wood and decaying plants. Mr. J from Arboretum the a taught us the different types of soil. We had soil probes to sample the school’s soil.