Building Community

Students share about each others special places, influential people, hobbies, interests, and memories. photo (28)

The Perfect Pet for You

the perfect pet for you

Be Inclusive

Think about what I am about to say: My big idea is include everybody!  There are a lot of reasons but I will narrow it down to three.

The first reason is it feels good because it feels like everybody loves you. Also when I included people I felt good when I saw them feeing good.

The second reason, you will have more friends. For instance, it is nicer to include people. Plus your friends will trust you more because if someone hurt you, you wouldn’t trust them, right?

The most important reason of all is “the more the merrier.” For instance, when I was 7 I saw a person in the corner so I started a conversation with her. As the group grew the conversation became more interesting.

So, please, please, please think about what I am saying.

Our Interview of Mr. Chambers Sr: A local Civil Rights Leader

Today we met Marvin Chambers. He was a local Civil Rights leader, working to change segregation in our town.  He is also the grandfather of one of our classmates. We learned that he helped start ASCORE, which stands for Avl Student Congress of Racial Equality.  ASCORE changed the segregation of our town.

Students remembered  these comments from his visit:

We learned that black schools always got hand-me-down books.

We learned that they couldn’t go out on the street by themselves, if they were a black.

5% of the people made the other 95% suffer.


Click on the movie below to view clips from the interview.


Grandparent’s Day

We studied courageous leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. Students prepared reader’s theater performanced based MLK Jr and Shirley Chisholm. They did a great job, don’t you think?