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Hershey’s: The Wrong Path


Hershey’s: the wrong path





If you’re eating a Hershey’s chocolate bar right now throw it in the trash. There are many reasons why you should not eat Hershey’s products.



One reason you should not eat Hershey’s is that it is being shipped from far away in airplanes that are burning gases that go in to the air and burn the air. Therefore it’s hotter. One day in December I was sitting on my porch in my chair looking at the sun. I was sweating because it was very hot. This is because of global warming, which comes from pollution.




Another reason you should not eat Hershey’s is that there are many artificial ingredients. And 75% of the ingredients you don’t know what they are. Once, my stomach felt really sick after eating a Hershey’s chocolate bar. It took me five hours to feel good again. This is because of all the chemicals in Hershey’s products.




Finally we have the reason of child labor. Children have been slaved to make chocolate. They are forced to work the machines in a factory. This is very bad for them because they won’t have a life. They work their fingers to the bone and they make no money. This is terrible.




Have you thrown that Hershey’s bar away yet? You can stop Hershey’s from continuing to be a successful company by not buying Hershey’s products. One little person can help make an alteration to the world.


Hersheys the wrong path

Why You Should Include

If you are inclusive you will have more fun. You’ll feel better and the world will be a better place.

One reason to include is you will have more fun because: you’ll have more friends and more people for a games.

Another reason to include, is every one will feel better. When you get included you feel better and when you include, you yourself feel better.

The most important  reason to include is that the world will be a better place because the world will be full of joy, happiness and love. That’s why you should include everybody. So you should be inclusive because it will be a better place if everyone helps each other!

Our Interview of Mr. Chambers Sr: A local Civil Rights Leader

Today we met Marvin Chambers. He was a local Civil Rights leader, working to change segregation in our town.  He is also the grandfather of one of our classmates. We learned that he helped start ASCORE, which stands for Avl Student Congress of Racial Equality.  ASCORE changed the segregation of our town.

Students remembered  these comments from his visit:

We learned that black schools always got hand-me-down books.

We learned that they couldn’t go out on the street by themselves, if they were a black.

5% of the people made the other 95% suffer.


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