The Global Children’s Challenge

In school we are wearing pedometers for a challenge.  Everybody in the world in 3,4 and 5 grade can enter to wear pedometers for 50 days. We wear the pedometers from the time we get up till the time till the time we go to bed. When we go to bed we record our steps in a booklit we got. At school we write down the steps we got the day before, then we add all them up and divide it by the number of data we got. Our best averge is 15,443. Every day we pick a topsteper, my best is 21,48o.

Koch Curve- Fractals

During our fractions conversation the other day, we started talking about the amazing concept of fractals in nature. The kids were so excited about it, I quickly went to the internet and found a video explaining the Koch Curve. Since then, the teacher in the video has emailed me. Mike saw an unusual number of hits to his video and looked us up. He says he has lots of fun family math problem videos. I am curious to see more.