Misfits! Read Aloud

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Author Visit! Thank you Alan Gratz!

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Would you rather hear about heads in jars or mad scientists?

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Middle Grades Author, Alan Gratz coming to FDNSC!

Middle Grades Author, Alan Gratz coming to FDNSC!

Grades 5-8 will get to meet and hear readings from Alan Gratz, Novemeber 19 at 9:45. Thank you to Malaporops! Feel free to join us in the Dogwood Building.


Launching Reading Workshop

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Is it too comfy in here??

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Back at it like ol’ pros.

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What?? You’re already teaching the class??

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Mr. Gregory is in charge.

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History of US: The First Americans


Studying the Mound Builders

Studying the Mound Builders

We have been reading History of US: The First Americans together as a class, and now students will be working on a social studies research project in small groups. Each group is learning about people that lived in different regions of the US: Great Plains, Pacific Northwest, Cliff Dwellers in the Southwest, People of the Longhouse/Iroquois, and the Mound builders. The project was introduced last week going over: strategies to read and discuss nonfiction, attention to text features, gathering appropriate resources, note taking, and recording sources. We have been learning the 5 strands of SS (geography, culture, civics & government, economics and history) so students are looking for these aspects of each region/people they study. We are also working on reading and learning SS through a “Social Justice lens” with the use of the Social Justice topic handout in SSNB. Ask your child what they are learning. Feel free to add to our resources with  your own or a visit to the library or good website suggestions.


Studying the People of the Longhouse

Studying the People of the Longhouse