Launching Reading Workshop

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Is it too comfy in here??

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Back at it like ol’ pros.

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What?? You’re already teaching the class??

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Mr. Gregory is in charge.

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The Challenge Has Begun….

We are ready to get moving!


On Wednesday we began wearing our pedometers for real and found lots of ways to get in extra steps. Some kids even chose to walk to school instead of drive! We took a jog around campus before math to get our blood flowing and did some laps at recess after our game of capture the flag ended. I wonder what our first step-count average will be! Don’t forget to go to to check out our current location and see other classes from around the world. Let’s get stepping!

Rules to Live By

Our First "Marker Talk"

Our class used our hopes and dreams to brainstorm class rules we need to live by as a community. We did a “marker talk” to help us think together without talking out loud. After a few sessions, we narrowed it down to 5 rules. We finally voted on 4 final rules that we think cover everything we need to remember in order to live, learn, and work as a community in a healthy and respectful way.

Treat the world and everything in it the way you want to be treated. 

Make good choices to help the community.

Keep your mind and body healthy.

Be prepared to learn anything.

I especially love these class rules because they can remind us all about the way to live all the time, inside the classroom and out. Great job fourth grade!

Asheville- Home Sweet Home

We have been studying Asheville. After learning the history we went to the Folk Art Center to learn about local arts and we walked the Urban Trail downtown. We have created a virtual tour for you. Students took pictures and drew historical representations of our town. Enjoy!


Koch Curve- Fractals

During our fractions conversation the other day, we started talking about the amazing concept of fractals in nature. The kids were so excited about it, I quickly went to the internet and found a video explaining the Koch Curve. Since then, the teacher in the video has emailed me. Mike saw an unusual number of hits to his video and looked us up. He says he has lots of fun family math problem videos. I am curious to see more.