What happens in a conference?

A conference is a time to meet and share your book with a teacher. You will share you favorite parts, literary elements, and read portions of the book.

What is expected for conference preparation?

The following documents are used in class and in students’ notebooks and can be helpful resources.

This is glued into the front of students’ Literature Notebook for reference:

Fiction Conference Prep LN Handout 2014

A plot mountain can help you review elements of story plot:

plot mt

Vocabulary Study is a great way to study words (we haven’t gone over this yet in class).

Vocabulary Study 8.13

Use this to prepare for nonfiction conferences. This handout is in the Social Studies Notebook.


A helpful structure for studying a person’s life:

Biography 1 pg

Once you have the basic reading conference down, you can use this document for ideas to challenge yourself:

Assessing and Improving Reading Conferences