Writing Workshop:

In 6th grade, students will be practicing writing in a variety of genres. Our main focus will be narrative, argument, and informative, but I cannot and will not forget poetry!  Add a post to share your pieces, discuss your pieces, and discuss writing in general.

Need ideas to help with writing? Here’s some advice from an expert:

How Writer’s Work Ralph Fletcher

Writing Workshop. Ralph Fletcher How Writers Work

Chapter 1: A Place Where Words Can Grow: Find a spot that works for you for writing and have things around you that inspire you.

Chapter 2. Finding Ideas:

photo (25)

  • family tradition

  • collections

  • special place

  • your place in the family

  • moving

  • life changes

  • what frightened you when you were little (or now!)

Chapter 3 Brainstorming:

  • talk

  • list ideas

  • make a web

  • free write

  • 3 by 3 by 3

  • informal outline

  • timeline

Telling Your Story: Need help expanding a moment of your story? These questions may help!


Words all 5th & 6th graders should be able to spell:

Spelling 200 words ABC order notebook handout 8.7.13

Use this as a checklist of the most common things that 5th/6th graders tend to need reminders/lessons about for proofreading:

EDITING Checklist 9.4.13 notebook handout